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Sargam makes a wide range of Aluminium Alloys for sand, gravity and pressure die casting applications meeting EN, AA, JIS, BIS,and other standards. Sargam's alloys are used to make critical automotive components like cylinder heads, pistons, manifolds, wheel hubs, brake assemblies, water pump casings, alternator casings etc and its customers include some of India's leading automotive and automotive component manufacturers.

Sargam's specialty is 'tailor making' alloys to exactly suit individual customer requirements. Specifications of every alloy used by every customer are maintained in a comprehensive database to ensure that customer requirements are always fulfilled. In addition to the alloy production being ISO 9000 certified, the company enjoys 'selfcertification' status with almost all its customers.

Aluminium scrap is a major raw material for the manufacture of alloy ingots and Sargam scores over other companies by paying careful attention to its scrap handling practices. This along with efficient manufacturing practices, use of state-of-the-art analytical equipment for instant and accurate chemical analysis, and close attention to ingot cleanliness ensures total quality control right till the ingots are packed and delivered. Sargam is one of the few foundry alloy manufacturers to employ in line filtration of metal for alloys going for critical casting applications. To improve material properties and casting characteristics Sargam also supplies Aluminium alloys with various modification treatments such as sodium, titanium boron and strontium.

Customers are therefore ensured of ingots that not only meet exact composition requirements but that are also gas, dross and inclusion free resulting in higher productivity, significantly lower rejections and castings that meet physical and other property requirements.

In addition customers readily tap Sargam's vast experience in trouble shooting foundry problems.

Aluminium scrap is a major raw material for Sargam and the company is always ready to
buy / buy back Aluminium process scrap.

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